Business Debtors Anonymous

Business Debtors Anonymous

BDA is a part of Debtors Anonymous intended for people who own their own businesses or who are self-employed, or have a dream of owning their own business. Members attend DA and BDA meetings and we learn to apply the tools and principles we learn in DA to our business practices. We attend BDA because we experienced the same financial problems in business that we did in our personal lives. Some of the problems we faced were:We neither knew when bills or taxes were due, nor did we remember if and what we had paid or still owed.

We confused our personal finances with our business finances.

We often did not know the exact costs of our overhead, operating expenses or profit margins.

We had no business plan.

We lived in a state of deprivation for the sake of our business.

We under valued and under priced our goods and services.

In BDA we learn to operate our businesses without incurring unsecured debt. We learn how to put ourselves first and our businesses second. We gain knowledge of how to get what we’ve always wanted from our businesses. We learn how to make certain we have medical coverage and vacations, how to treat our employees and ourselves well. We learn how to gain financial and spiritual success and peace of mind.

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