DA Intergroup of Sacramento

What is an Intergroup?

As defined in the DA Service pamphlet, “An Intergroup consists of representatives from DA meetings in a defined area, such as a city and nearby suburbs, who meet periodically to provide services for the entire area…The intergroup is usually responsible for a number of activities that support meetings in the area, such as keeping a list of current meeting times and locations, maintaining a phone recording with meeting information, purchasing literature in bulk and selling it to groups, sponsoring workshops, and perhaps maintaining a website.”

Does your meeting have an Intergroup representative?

At the present time, only 14 of the 44 meetings registered with NCDA Intergroup are sending representatives to the monthly business meetings.

Not only does that mean we have very few people to do a lot of work, it means we don’t know what many of our members want and need from us.

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